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Datorer - Övrigt - eMac G4/1GHz

eMac G4/1GHz

Essentially a speed-bump of the existing eMac line, the eMac was announced in May 2003, and included a faster ATI Radeon 7500 Graphics processor and AirPort Extreme support. There were three configurations (listed above) which sold for $799, $999 and $1299, respectively. All models were discontinued in April 2004, with the the released of the eMac (USB 2.0)
In October 2003, the middle-end configuration was discontinued, and the price of the high-end configuration was reduced to $1,099.

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Begagnad 640MB (512-128MB PC 133 DIMM), 40GB hårddisk, Combo 56k. Levereras utan tangentbord & mus 1250 (1000 utan moms) SEK
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